Liverpool Restaurant Deals And Offers

We don't believe that anyone needs an excuse to dine out. But if 'there's plenty of food in the fridge' is a phrase that tends to circle around your head every time you make a beeline for your favourite eatery, we've got something to relieve a little of that guilt. Here's our definitive list of the best restaurant deals in Liverpool, including a £25 set menu at one of the top UK steakhouses. 

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Last updated on 5th February 2024

£8.49 Burger And Drink At Yates

A Free Pint of Guinness per guest to kick off the 6 Nations match and 2 other offers

Casual drinkers' den Yates is determined not to let its punters go hungry. If you need a midweek pick-me-up, take advantage of one of the best Wednesday restaurant deals in Liverpool, which sees you bagging a burger and a drink for under £10. Fillings include chicken katsu, three bean chilli and BBQ mac 'n' cheese.