Cafe Chilli The taste of Thailand washes up on Brighton's scene.
8 Church Road, Brighton, BN3 2FL
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What they say:

Having traversed the vibrant and culinary landscapes of Thailand, the brains behind Cafe Chilli have curated a Modern approach to Thai cuisine whilst making sure to incorporate all of its regional diversity and complexity in flavour. You'll find a menu of both traditional dishes and regional recipes intertwined with an awareness of growing street food dishes which have built a foundation of rustic Thai foods. 

What we say:

With Thai born Chef Lek in tow with his 20 years of experience in the Asian culinary trade, Cafe Chilli is a laid-back manifestation of the Thailand philosophy to both life and food. Having captured the culture of spice, flavour and intensity, Cafe Chilli brings a new life to Modern Thai cuisine in Brighton, and the UK. Exciting dishes and authentic aromas epitomise the Cafe Chilli approach.