New bar spy - The Joker

Brighton's clowning around with The Joker opening

The Joker

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Now Open

What they say:

The Joker is a brand spankin' new pub-restaurant-concert venue space opening up on Preston Road, but a short cry from the buzzing hub-bub of Brighton's London Road and brought to you by the cheeky creator of FunFair, Daniel Wright.  A partnership with Small Batch guarantees some serious pizzazz in the coffee beans, and means this place is just as suitable for mid-morning matters as late night sessions. 

What we say:

Why sooo seerrrious?

The Joker has returned ... and it's not to kill the Batman. Setting up shop a short skip from Brighton's bustling London Road scene, we're expecting nothing but quirks, thrills and twists from this fantastical venue. Should be cool, should be fun, should be a funfair of geezer shenanigans and playful punter pub classics. With the likes of Smoke Fairies preparing to the play here, the music line up is set to be spot on. Eagerly awaiting the opening of this boozy baller.