Junkyard Dogs Junkyard Dogs barks its way into Brighton's culinary scene with brilliant hotdogs
Edward Street, Brighton, BN20JG
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Junkyard Dogs is the latest live-event bar to open near Brighton's seafront. With a menu full of great hotdogs and a bar stocked full of drinks, it hopes to add a slight American edge to Brighton's fun-loving, picturesque streets. Setting it apart from its competitors, locally brewed beers flow through the bar's brass pipes and straight into one of their large pint glasses. But the centre-piece here is the venue's hotdogs. You'll leave well fed and with a joker-esque ketchup smile etched across your face.

What we say:

In the last few years, American-inspired eateries and bars have sprung up all over Britain's cities, offering guests delicious comfort food and ice-cold drinks. Enter Junkyard Dogs. Their chefs offer a range of great hotdogs to gorge on, but of even greater excitement is the intriguing collection of locally brewed craft beers. If Junkyard Dogs can maintain its high culinary standard while simultaneously putting on a number of brilliant live events, it'll surely become a household name in Brighton's vibrant nightlife scene.