July 4th: Independence Day in Birmingham

It's party capital in America on the 4th of July, from feasts and hearty grub to family gatherings, so why not bring a little of that party spirit over here to Birmingham? From beefs burgers the size of your head and sizzling steaks, to bars where you can pick up one of the best whisky sours in the city; there's a whole host of bars in Birmingham to pick up a little of that red, white and blue spirit. Check out our recommendations for the best spots to party this 4th July in Birmingham. 

The Jekyll and Hyde

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Now, these folks know a thing or two about a finger licking good patty. What with America being the home of the beef burger, it wouldn't be right for you to miss some of the best beef burgers and beers in Birmingham. From blue cheese treats to BBQ wonders, head to this cocktail bar in Birmingham for some hearty American grub the 4th of July. 


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Did you know that the cocktail was a word once coined in America? If you didn't, you do know. And so do Ginger's bar by the looks of things. Host to a whole selection of American classics from the Martini and Mint Julep to the Old Fashioned, Ginger's is a cocktail bar in Birmingham that are more than ready to cater for your American needs.

The Victoria

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What else do American do well? Other than Halloween and baseball? It's beer of course. Hoping to bring some of America's finest craft beer to the UK, The Victoria is a cool and quirky pub in Birmingham with one of the best American beer selections in the city, sourcing from independent American breweries and mega-brands alike.