Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup 2027 In Birmingham

Need help discovering the best bars and pubs showing the Rugby World Cup 2027 in Birmingham? Don't miss a single try, tackle or conversion with our handy selection of the finest places, from cool bars to traditional pubs, as the sport’s greatest show heads over to France. 

Last edited by Lauren Cole

The Royal

Need somewhere to screen all of the Rugby World Cup action? Here's where The Royal comes in. Situated in the city centre, this laid-back boozer provides the perfect backdrop for every try, tackle and scrum. And if you're hungry? Check out the main menu.

Walkabout Birmingham

If there's anywhere you can count on for getting your serious sports fix it's got to be Walkabout. Champions of Aussie party spirit and all things beer and booze, Walkabout is the place to be if you want to experience the Rugby World Cup with a little raucous revelry. 

The Roebuck

For all the latest sports action in the city, head to The Roebuck. These folks will be screening all of the Rugby World Cup leading up to the finals. On top of that, you can enjoy fresh beer and a mouthwatering menu of pub grub.