Best Pizza in Birmingham

The dish of kings, pizza is a heralded plate of grub; be it a post-night out pick me up or your preferred pick for a date night in the city. Whilst we all may argue that a BBQ base is better than tomato, that green olives are better than black and that chorizo may be the single best thing to happen to pizza, it's clear that we all have our own hankerings for it, and luckily for you, Birmingham boasts a wealth of the stuff. Check out our recommendations for some great places to chow down on pizza in Birmingham and tuck into some sweet Italian delight.

Last updated on 10th November 2021

One Trick Pony Club

10 user reviews 5

Searching for some doughy delights in Birmingham? Despite its name, One Trick Pony in Moseley is offering a huge variety of pizzas from Korean BBQ to truffle and margherita slices. Stay for fun pub quizzes or kick back and relax in their beer garden.

The Plough

6 user reviews 4

This is some top notch thin crust delight if ever we had the luck of laying our lips on it. Boasting a sweet selection of international flavours, The Plough don't settle for margherita must-haves, but you'll still get one of that's your favourite. From smoked pancetta and a fresh basil topping to beef carpaccio and gorgonzola, The Plough promise a bespoke pizza base and fanciful flavours on top.