Celebrity Restaurants in Birmingham

With some of the biggest arenas and theatres, BBC Birmingham Headquarters as well as some stylish and exclusive retail outlets, it's no wonder stars and celebs often grace the  pavements here in the second city. If you fancy rubbing shoulders with your favourite celebs there are a few select venues primed for celebrity spotting. We can't promise you will end up best mates but if you check out our recommendations of the best celebrity restaurants in Birmingham you sure can have a good old gawp. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Brought to you by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, it's no surprise that this Champagne bar in Birmingham has frequent celebrity clientele. Hang around long enough and you may even see the man himself. Sip away on a glass of the finest bubbly in this celebrity primed venue, with possible celebrity spotting and a 360 degree view of Birmingham you won't know where to look!


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Boasted as one of Birmingham's most stylish Indian restaurants, Pushkar have seen all sorts of celebrities saunter through their doors. From TV's Chris Tarrant to India's world famous cricket team, Pushkar have got be doing something right to have all these A lister's drinking and dining at their renowned cocktail bar come restaurant. 


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Tucked away in Birmingham's stylish Mailbox complex is Penny Blacks, a modest and sophisticated restaurant bar. Often dotted with celebrities due to it's location being just a skip and a jump away from BBC Birmingham's headquarters. Head here for some celebrity spying on 'Fizz Day Fridays' where you can enjoy a bottle of Prosecco for a sparkling £12.95. Who knew living the high life could be so easy?

The Victoria

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Happy Hour

While not strictly a restaurant, this pub in the city centre is a celebrity hot spot and they do serve a soulful menu, 'Deep South Diner' style. With TV stars, Shane Ritchie, Joe Pasquale, Sue Pollard and Leslie Grantham having been spotted in here several times this cool and quirky pub is more than full of character. Brum's very own Jasper Carrot has also been spotted have a pint or two here. Make the most of their hearty menu and who knows you might end up having a pint with Alfie Moon.  


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One of the biggest names in innovative cooking happens to have frequented this traditional Indian restaurant in Birmingham don't you know. Joined by none other than Heston Blumenthal, Asha's have the award winning grub to pull in one of the worl'd quirkiest chefs and more. Traditional, yet slick and stylish, Asha's is renowned locally and on the celeb scene.