Late Night Bars in Birmingham

Ever been enjoying a night out when the lights come on and the bouncers start to shoo you out just as you are getting into your groove? Well, what you need is a late night bar. Despite being known as a party city, finding late bars isn't always easy particularly on weekdays. The good news is, they are there, you just need to know where to look... So, check out our recommendations for the best late night bars in Birmingham.

Last updated on 15th February 2022

Digbeth's premier warehouse frequently hosts club nights that draw revellers from across the country. Offering a raw, creative vibe as well as a stunning outside terrace under grand Victorian viaducts, Lab11's cutting-edge lighting and sound ensure a scintillating late-night experience.

Walkabout promises you a stunning night out in Birmingham. Open late every single night of the week Walkabout is a lively and vibrant bar on Broad Street. With different club nights and midweek drinks deals, it's an essential venture for blowing off steam while on a budget.