Hipster Hangouts in Birmingham

Now we know that some people may shudder at the mention of the word 'hipster', but we like to see it as a pat on the back to all you desert boot, backpack wielding cool kids in the city. Prone to a drink in Birmingham, hipster kids can be found, and if you're careful, spoken to at these cool and quirky bars in Birmingham. Check out our recommendations for the best hipster hangouts in Birmingham and join your fellow kinsmen in all things cool at some of these tipple-tastic joints in the city. 

BrewDog Birmingham

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Yeah yeah, so beer is pretty cool, but you know what is cool? Craft beer! A quirky beer institution unto its own, Brewdog in Birmingham's John Bright Street are at the forefront of the independent beer movement, inviting the city's hipsters to dabble in some of the finest flavours to be found. From its basement lounge to nitty gritty urban interiors, Brewdog is a hit-ster with the hipster. 


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What with street food, warehouse venues and cocktails being classed as the top totty when it comes to all things cool, you hipster hottie's will be happy to hear that there is a bar in Birmingham boasting all three. Stuff your cool little faces with street food on a Friday thanks to Digbeth Dining Club then saunter inside for a jaunt on Spotlight's collection of vintage furniture, home away from home eh? 


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Rumour has it that the hipster likes nothing more than a cup of the granulated good stuff with a dash of beer on the side, and they're lucky enough in Birmingham to have somewhere they manage to get both. A cool, relaxing cafe bar in Birmingham, Urban Coffee Company promise a relaxing escape from the droves of city centre clones. 

The Sunflower Lounge

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Hipsters hate chain bars, we read it in the little book of hipster don't you know, and thankfully The Sunflower Lounge isn't one of them. A cool independent bar brimming with the city's vibrant youngsters looking for fellow cool kids to share the night with, The Sunflower Lounge is packed with perfectly tousled hair and purposely torn jeans looking for live music and economical tipples.