Birmingham Bar Bucket List

We don't want you to miss a thing while you're in Birmingham, heck, we don't want you to miss a thing ever, and that's why we've compiled a bucket list of the best bars in Birmingham to visit before you one day pop your lovely clogs. From tiki retreats to some of the best beer gardens in Birmingham; check out our recommendations for the best bucket list bars in Birmingham and make haste for some of the best drinking holes in the city before, well......y'know! 

The Jekyll and Hyde

237 user reviews 4

You wouldn't to say goodbye to the beautiful earth we live on without some of the most beautiful cocktails in Birmingham to boot? Boasting some of Birmingham's master mixologists, The Jekyll and Hyde is a cool and quirky bar in the heart of the city that take pride in the concoctions they create. From toothpaste and candy floss based treats to cocktails in mini porcelain baths, a tipple from The Jekyll and Hyde is on awesome way to see the world out. 

The Prince of Wales

4 user reviews 5

If you're an adventurer at heart and need a bucket list bar that will meet your exploratory needs then make haste to one of Birmingham's best independent suburbs. Don't be put off by the cool, traditional pub out front, it' the garden we're taking you too. Head right out back for not only one of Birmingham's best tiki bars but a wine bar and cigar shop to boot. You said you wanted cool and quirky didn't you?

The Lost & Found

11 user reviews 4

It might be one of the last bars you ever visit and it could be one of the most adventurous. Themed around the explorations of intrepid Victorian explorer Hettie G. Watson, The Lost and Found is a vibrant and kitsch cocktail bar that boast some of the most enticing flavours in the city. Keep your eyes peeled for their secret bar too where Victorian wonders and Botanical adventures are waiting.