Best Zombie Cocktails In Birmingham

As the evenings get darker and Halloween draws near, you will be needing something spooky to sup on and we can think of nothing more perfectly petrifying than the Zombie. This fruity number has remained a firm favourite since it first was created in the 1930s. The rumour is that the Frankenstein behind this cocktail monster, Don Beach created the drink to help a pal get through a business meeting. A few days later the chap returned, claiming he'd be wondering around for the last few days like a complete zombie. Whether this was due to the aforementioned hangover, or the delectable mix of rum, juice and a little absinthe - or more likely a mix of the two - we are in no position to say.

The Rose Villa Tavern

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The Rose Villa Tavern is the home of one of the cheaper Zombie's you will find in Brum. This vintage themed, cosy pub will mix you up one of their own Zombie concoctions for just £5.95. Made with the classic base of three rums, The Rose Villa Tavern uses a mix Appletons VIX, Myer's and Wray & Nephew rums. Add in some grenadine, orange and pineapple juices with a dash of lemon and voila! One tasty Zombie to be found right in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.


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The downstairs party bar at Bitter and Twisted's city centre venue Bodega, may well be the perfect setting for you and your Zombie. With a Mexican 'Day of the Dead' theme, things might get a bit creepy down there. This fun and quirky bar in Birmingham gets a bit more traditional with their Zombie, adding a wee bit of apricot brandy to their rum base of Myer's rum, Havanna Club 3 and Havanna Especial, of course, we're in Mexico! Sort of. Bodega then mixes in some lime and pineapple juices for that extra zing and some yummy almond syrup, all topped off with our favourite green fairy, absinthe. A potent mix that hopefully won't leave you a dead man walking.

Island Bar

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For that classic Zombie look no further than Island Bar tucked away in the centre of Birmingham. As hosts to one of the best rum selections in the city, you would expect nothing but a killer Zombie from this beach bar hideaway. With their tiki island theme it's the perfect setting for a rum cocktail or two. Using the classic mix of three rums, Island bar mixes in some zingy pineapple juice and citrus, topped off nicely with a dash of absinthe. The result? A lethal but delicious Zombie. 

The Prince of Wales

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When it comes to cocktails, Motiki loves to put on a show, and boy do they love to show off with their Zombie. One of the most popular choices on the menu, this Zombie starts off with a mix of Havana Club 3, Mount Gay gold rum and Wray & Nephew over-proofed rum, shaken and stirred up with orange, grapefruit and passion fruit juices. This special Zombie is topped off with a dash of Angostura bitters plus a wee glug of Wray & Nephew rum and a garnish of hollowed out passion fruit. Served to you in glasses or a glistening crystal skull to share, the Motiki guys will sprinkle a little Zombie dust, strike a match and woosh! You have one flaming Zombie.