Bars in Colmore District

The business quarter of Birmingham, Colmore Business District in Birmingham is a hubbub of professionals and relaxed evening drinkers alike. Great for after-work drinks in Birmingham and dinner in the city alike, the Colmore Business District harbours some of the most well known bars that Birmingham has to offer. Check out our recommendations for the best bars near Colmore District in Birmingham and make haste for this dense and plush part of the city. 

Last edited by Tom Capon

The Old Contemptibles

A traditional pub in Birmingham, The Old Contemptibles have drinks and history at heart. A bar that commemorates World War One heroes and even has their images etched into their stunning stained glass windows, The Old Contemptibles is a grand and cosy pub in Birmingham great for those just looking to sit back, chat and unwind. 

The Alchemist Birmingham – Colmore Row

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One of the most stylish bars in Colmore Row, the Alchemist combines luxury interiors and fine cocktails to create a unique experience. With moody dark flourishes, hanging exposed bulbs and fancy chesterfield sofas, The Alchemist becomes one of the coolest places to drink in Birmingham thanks to its masterful cocktail menu.

Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre

Just down the road from Colemore Row is the Old Joint Stock Theatre, delivering Victorian charm, delicious beers and a whole range of entertainment. Whether you are dining on their balcony, taking in their Victorian interiors or coming to see one of their many plays, comedy or live music (see their listings for more info), they have something for pretty much everyone in Birmingham.