Quirky Activities In The UK

Let's be real, there is way more to the UK than just gorgeous dining destinations and swish bars. It also happens to boast some of the most unique events, whether it be classics such as bowling and roller skating to unique painting classes and immersive cocktail haunts. If you're on the hunt for something different, we're breaking down the best-of-the-best when it comes to quirky activities in the UK.

Last updated on 2nd September 2022

UK-Wide: Bada Bingo

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With events in cities such as Newcastle, Leicester and Bristol, Bada Bingo is the perfect place to head to if you're looking for a boozy version of the game. Play a few rounds while taking in the nightclub vibes, your killer drag queen host, and non-stop hits from all your favourite female artists.

UK-Wide: XXX Bingo

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XXX Bingo is coming in hot this season. Get ready for raunchy performances and epic drag acts across the UK. With so many different events around, you'll get stuck in fun games aplenty, as well as delicious drinks served by topless waiters.

One of the most unusual things to do in Southeast England, Ballie Ballerson promises a memorable experience with two huge ball pits and cracking cocktails. Plus, the venue has several beautiful backdrops so you'll be sorted for Instagram photos galore.

UK-Wide: Flight Club

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Known for its bottomless brunches and the spot for social darts in the UK, Flight Club is bringing you wood-fired pizzas served on paddles, as well as glasses of prosecco. Enjoy a few raucous rounds of throwing at the oche and don't forget to practice your aim for this feel-good activity.

London: Ale Hunters

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Big brew lover? If you fancy an evening of beer and a boozy good time, then Ale Hunters is your answer. Enjoy tutored tastings, pub history lessons, and tours all around London so you can learn a thing or two from your expert sommelier.

If you're searching for quirky activities in Ipswich, then Three Wise Monkeys has got you covered. Touting a plethora of fabulous shenanigans for food and drink lovers, from beer clubs to doughnut taster evenings, this hotspot is bound to impress.

London: Dabbers Bingo

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Bingo is known for being a snooze-fest, but with Dabbers, you'll have a grand time. The venue brings a raucous version, complete with music, comedians, fabulous prizes and quirky themes. Our personal favourite has to be its dog-friendly social. It's paw-fect.

@ Southampton Harbour Hotel on Friday 18th November 2022 and 2 other dates

Taking place in Southampton, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton and London, The Queen of the Ocean Live is a brilliant spot to head to if you're looking for a different type of date night. During this immersive boat experience, you'll get to munch on a Titanic-themed four courses while the original script and score play in the background.

Put your pop-culture trivia to the test at Sounds Familiar Music Quiz. With various locations throughout the UK, this event will bring out your competitive side as you'll be guessing on all your favourite guilty pleasures, party anthems and much more.

UK-Wide: Alcotraz

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Taking inspiration from Hollywood prison stories, Alcotraz is one of the most popular UK attractions for adults. Why you may ask? Well, you'll get to don orange jumpsuits while smuggling in booze and interacting with the sketchy guards. Nothing better than a little mischief, right?

One of the quirkiest activities in the UK, The Big Bakes is the perfect spot to put your culinary prowess to the test. Equipped with ingredients, recipes and all the utensils you'll need, you have 90 minutes on the clock to make a delicious sweet treat in pairs - and possibly be crowned champ.

Bored of the same old exercises? For unusual outdoor activities in the UK, Guru Dudu are bringing a silent disco tour to Brighton. Head to this fun dance-walk class, all hosted by your hilarious tour guide as you shake it on the street to your the best old-school classics.