Immersive Experiences In The UK

If the bog standard day out just isn't cutting it anymore, then becoming part of the story itself at a show or in a VR space is the way to go. From bars and restaurants inspired by your favourite tales to grabbing drinks in the clink or being transported back to the 1920s, check out the best immersive experiences in the UK.

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Last updated on 30th May 2024

The Great Murder Mystery

@ The Lost Estate on Various dates from Thursday 25th July 2024

For an evening you won't forget in a hurry, head to West London where The Lost Estate brings you The Great Murder Mystery, an immersive dining experience that transports you back to Victorian times. Tickets start from £149.50 per person and include a delicious three-course meal whipped up by top London chefs, as well as wine pairings. Sit back and enjoy, but not for long as a theatrical retelling of Sherlock Holmes' darkest case: The Hound of the Baskervilles unravels around you.

Castleford: Gravity MAX

If you find yourself in Castleford, be sure to check out Gravity MAX for a day full of immersive fun. You can transport yourself to the worlds of Squid Games, Ghostbusters and more through their virtual reality gaming experiences, as well as state-of-the-art E-karting where you can race against your friends. And to finish? Grab some delicious cocktails in their sophisticated bar.

London: Hyper Reality

If you find yourself in East London's Whitechapel, be sure to step into Hyper Reality to be transported to a whole new world. This quirky, cyberpunk themed bar is full of immersive experiences for under £20, from VR rollercoasters and go-karting to fighting off zombies and exploring new planets. They've even got a karaoke bar downstairs, complete with songs in multiple languages and a 150-inch projector screen.

London: Frameless

Searching for a Van Gogh and Monet immersive art experience in London? Frameless is a unique exhibition that takes you right into the paintings of iconic artists. Be transported to the surrealist, dreamlike landscapes of Dali or interact with motion sensors to recreate popular works.

DNA VR Manchester

Bringing its VR extravaganza to Manchester, DNA VR can host up to a whopping 15 players at a time, with a full house of 45 people. Choose from a range of experiences, including boat racing, dancing, and zombie battles, for an hour of pure adrenaline-fueled fun at this Victoria station hotspot.