The Best Restaurant Meal Kits In The UK

Bored of takeaways? Want to make a delicious dish without the aggro of a post-dinner clean-up? Kitchens all over the country are injecting a little fun into your evenings with their knockout cook-at-home food bundles. Whether you fancy frying up your own award-winning pizza, putting some personal touches to a Michelin-grade curry or creating a feast using the Highlands' finest cuts, these restaurant meal kits in the UK are making your food-fuelled wishes come true.  



One of London's best Japanese restaurants is jumping on the at-home bandwagon this lockdown. Shoryu is now offering nationwide delivery on its exceptional range of DIY meal kits, complete with original hosomen noodles and the iconic 12-hour tonkotsu broth. And if you're not a meat eater? There's also got a delicious tonyu stock and tofu option for vegans. 

Shoryu Ramen Best UK Restaurant Meal Kits

Shoryu have turned their incredible ramen into make-at-home meal kits.

Dirty Bones

Trade supermarket patties for top-notch chomps from New York kitchen Dirty Bones. Pick between their classic bap or a vegan chilli cheeseburger bundle and get your gnashers around four tasty buns. Alternatively, you can also recreate their iconic lamb, jalapeno and miso-topped fries.

You can also go all out with a Hero Kit and get a cocktail thrown in.  


Become a linguine supremo with a little help from Passo. The London-based Italian spot is sending its pizza and pasta cook-at-home restaurant dishes to your door, offering everything from rich carbonara and delicious pork shoulder ragu to bespoke build-your-own pizzas. To accompany? A bottle or two of takeaway negroni, of course.

Passo are saving you from yet another night of pesto pasta.

Pizza Pilgrims

One of the best country-wide restaurant meal kits, Pizza Pilgrims are adding some fun to your night with their frying pan Neapolitan slices. Their options may be few but boy are they mighty - here's looking at you, mushroom and truffle - with enough 48-hour proofed dough and toppings to feed two, as well as a how-to video.

Postbox pizza has never looked so good...  

Burger & Beyond

Poutine tots, bacon butter burgers and crispy fried chicken are all on the menu at Burger & Beyond. Perfect for those of you craving some comfort food, these nationwide meal kits will have you chowing down on indulgent American classics, all made using high-quality ingredients. 

It may never make it into the category of healthy UK meal kits, but it certainly wins points as one of the tastiest.


Having gained acclaim for its incredible regional Indian fare, Dishoom is sharing its beloved naan rolls with us mere mortals. Along with three doughballs, smoked streaky bacon and tomato chilli jam, it's also throwing in some loose-leaf Darjeeling tea and chai spices, making it one of the UK's best restaurant meal kits.

Upgrade your weekend brekkie with a little help from Dishoom.

Honest Burgers

Looking for ways to spruce up your weekends at home? Treat yourself to one of  Honest Burgers' DIY meal kits. The meat maestros are delivering packs of steak and rib patties, smoked bacon rashers, cheddar slices, red onion relish and fresh buns to houses around the country. 

Their rosemary chips may not be part of the parcel, but Honest Burgers' buns are as good as ever. 

Pizza Punks

Create your own sourdough slices with a DoughIY kit from Pizza Punks. An entertaining activity for you and your bubble, these bake-at-home boxes are putting the decision in your hands - simply order a base and pick four toppings from their diverse menu, ranging from rum ham hock and chilli chocolate pulled beef to garlic and rosemary potatoes and vegan pepperoni.

No judgement if your toppings are cheese x4...

Home By Nico

Fancy a four-course fine dining feast? Well, you're in luck Home By Nico is the newest offering from Six By Nico, a culinary concept well-known for serving incredible themed banquets, involving six courses that change every - you guessed it - six weeks. This romantic meal kit is a great shout for a date night at home and guaranteed to impress you and your boo.

Crack open a bottle, light a candle and pop on some Marvin Gaye for this special food box.

Lina Stores

From flavourful charcuterie and fennel carpaccio to pre-prepared fresh artichoke and truffle ravioli, Lina Stores is bringing a taste of Italy to your kitchen. The popular Soho haunt is extending its reach to homes all across England with its online shop offering a range of spuntini and at-home restaurant kits. 

This beloved restaurant is supplying you with beautiful boxes of mouthwatering eats.


On the hunt for the best UK restaurants delivering meal kits? Having won the approval of big name food critic Grace Dent, MEATliquor's hot dog boxes are an obvious choice. Not only have they got a vegan alternative, but they're also shaking up a number of classic and signature cocktails to wash it all down with. 

You'll be thankful no-one's around to see you tackle these bad boys.

Aktar At Home

Who says you can't enjoy fine dining feasts in your sweatpants? Birmingham's Michelin-starred Opheem is sending exquisite food nationwide via its service Aktar At Home. From a weekly selection of knockout curries to a nearly ready-made Argentinian sirloin roast dinner and a meat box featuring exceptional cuts, this place has got just the thing.

If Aktar At Home's curries taste even half as good as they look, you're in for a treat.


Holding the title for having the 10th best pizza in the world, Rudy's is a no-brainer for those of you searching for the best restaurant meal kit deliveries around the UK. Order a calabrese, margherita, wild boar-loaded or a portobello mushroom-covered Neapolitan bite and see for yourself how the eatery gained such accolades.

You're just a few clicks away from an award-winning munch.


On the hunt for meal kits in the UK? Take a look at the goodies available at Argentinian restaurant Fazenda, where you'll find some of the finest quality meat and seafood around. Bone marrow and dry-aged ribeye not doing it for you? They also have Scottish lobster and stuffed butternut squash on the menu.

The online shop also sells charcuterie, fine wines and halal boxes.

Mac & Wild

Specialising in all things Scottish, Mac & Wild are bringing the Highlands' best right to your very door. Survey their online butchers for fantastic rumps, chops and sausages or try your hand at making their signature Venimoo burger kits. Thirsty? Get yourself one of their pre-made cocktail bottles.

Level up your brunch game with their meaty sausages or get a haggis and enjoy some traditional Scottish fare.  

Japan Centre

One of the UK's best sushi meal kits? You can count on this offering from the Japan Centre. Score yourself one of these ingredient boxes for the chance to whip up your very own 16-piece feast of spicy tuna and salmon norimaki, and you can even add a sake tasting flight to the mix.

Japan Centre DIY meal kit UK

Become a sushi pro with this fun kit from the Japan Centre.

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