Best Sushi Restaurants In The UK

Craving a California roll? Fancy a fine dining Japanese feast? Fortunately for you, we've searched the length and breadth of our nation to find you the very best sushi restaurants around the UK. That's right. Discover the stunning Northern rooftops, quirky London haunts and cool fusion kitchens that are putting your limp nigiri and drab temaki to shame.

Last updated on 13th February 2023

Leeds: Issho

If you're after the best Japanese restaurants in the UK, then look no further than Issho. Perched above the Leeds skyline, this rooftop beauty is providing diners with knockout views, beautiful cocktails and contemporary Asian fare.

Liverpool: Etsu

An authentic Japanese restaurant in Liverpool, Etsu has got you covered for noodle soups, donburi, bento boxes and, of course, sushi. Pick and choose from a range of classics, made fresh to order, or opt for a mixed set and nibble on an assortment.

Leeds: Teppanyaki

Not satisfied with bringing you some of the best sushi around, Teppanyaki is adding a little drama to proceedings. How? A friendly tableside chef will be dicing, juggling and grilling your meal on an open hot plate.