Best Burgers in Manchester

Beef babes, patty patrons and dill pickle dames, get ready for a mouthwatering, chop-sauntering list of some of the best burgers in Manchester as we introduce you to some of the best in the city. From proper pungent pulled pork and glistening brioche buns to patties wrapped up in, er, donuts, Manchester has no shortage of sloppy, and seriously tasty burgers. Check out our recommendations for some of the best burgers in Manchester and get your mitts on this piled high mastery. 

Last updated on 21st August 2018


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Of course Gorilla are coming up burger trumps, they do parties too well not to. Keeping things a little less American and a lot more tame, Gorilla boast a selection of burgers for more well behaved but hearty palates including their herbed lamb burger of rosemary and garlic, or their spicy bean burger in a dapper brioche bun.

Dog Bowl

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Dog Bowl certainly aren't the underdog when it comes to their oh so premium patties. Try their extensively awesome The D.B. at £15.00 and smother your chops in a hearty stack of triple burger, pulled pork and smoked brisket. And for something a little more tame, The Deep South is a smoked bacon and dill pickle babe coming in at £11.50.

Boasting a simple, small and super effective menu of, wait for it, a beef burger and veggie burger, All Star Lanes make up in flavour what they lack in menu size. Hand-made and boasting a taste that 'yer mothers would be proud of, All Star Lanes have kept their burgers of a recognisable nature, and for that, we're down right proud of them. 


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Sizeable, edible endeavour with often American twists, most of the premium beef in these hearty patties comes served straight from their authentic Inka grill. Tuck into their infamous 'One In A Lifetime' for £16.90 worth of pulled pork and buttermilk fried chicken or their delicious melted Monterey Jack basic - a true burger babe at only £9.95. 

We love 'em sloppy and we love 'em seriously tasty. Boasting an infectious blend of both, Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn is a true contender on the burger scene thanks to their international flavours and hearty attitude. Plough your chops into a blend of double cheeseburger, chorizo and the boss' hot sauce or their blackened cajun burger with crunchy slaw.

Almost Famous

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Boasting some of Manchester's most sought after buns, cheeky, Almost Famous aren't almost harbouring some of the best burgers, they're dominating city lists. From their triple peppered cheeseburger to their garlic butter smothered 'Baddaboom', they have taken America's burger ideology to heart; go big, go flavoursome, or heck, go home!