Best Jukebox Pubs Manchester

There is nothing like sitting down and enjoying the sound of your own hand curated DJ set blasting out over the speakers in the bar whilst you slurp down a few pints. Your taste is as good as any, and playing tunes from the jukebox is a sure fire way of getting a party started. So whether you're out for a few after work or starting the weekend's antics, check out our recommendations for the best jukebox pubs in Manchester.

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Castle Hotel

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One of Manchester's most prominent pubs, The Castle Hotel is encased in musical history, tucked quietly away from the weekend's antics and attracts a curious and interesting bunch of people - from locals to musicians and artists. The jukebox is loaded and ready for the hidden youth inside the venue's older and misleading exterior. A top Manchester pub in which to spend endless nights enjoying your favourite tunes hand in hand with your favourite beers.

Bar Fringe

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Bar Fringe is one of those 'time machine' pubs. You know, the kind of pub that's stuck with the traditional approach of real ale and local beer, a jukebox full of classic records, the walls of anecdotes and interesting bric-a-brac, and yet still managing to remain fresh and modern. Tucked away not far from Piccadilly, it's unassuming exterior hides a proper pub, with proper staff and the knowledge of how to put on proper music: put a whole bunch music in a cheap jukebox, and let us drink along to our favourite songs. 

The Knott Bar

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While Knott Bar looks like a too-cool-for-school cafe bar that would seem at home in the Northern Quarter, it's heart and soul is one of a vintage Manchester pub that serves local ales, such as Manchester's own Marble Beer, a well-kept pool table, classic and hearty pub food and a jukebox full of classics. The atmosphere is one to unwind in, with the music just about stretching out onto the sun-trap of a terrace and it's perfect view of all the comings and goings one of the busiest parts of the city. 

Peveril of the Peak

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The pub that time forgot, a grade II listed Victorian building located just behind the Bridgewater Hall. A brilliant Manchester pub that attracts a real mix of students and locals alike to its brilliant atmosphere that is in no doubt aided by the well stocked jukebox. A proper old school, no thrills and no spills, real ale, packet of peanuts, seating's cheating affair that is wrapped up in a welcoming and wonderful Manchester family charm.

Big Hands

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It's impossible to think of just how many people that were either on their way to or just after a gig have been in Big Hands. Just a short hop from Manchester Academy, great music has been bled into every inch of Big Hands, with the dependable Jukebox supplying years and years of quality tunes for every occasion, genre and time of day. As well as the great music and switched-on music loving crowd, Big Hands provides some great cheap beer, which is just as well, as you'll be spending all your money in the jukebox.


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Sandbar welcomes all music lovers, from the connoisseurs that study at the nearby Royal Northern College of Music, to the cool kids of the nearby student village, all of them can find something they can't help tap a foot to in their Jukebox's extensive selection. And with the diverse music, the comfy furniture and the full range of trendy real ales and ciders have be known to cause some dangerously lengthy drinking sessions, something we'll never complain about. 

Corbieres Wine Cavern

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One of the best jukebox bars in Manchester, this hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of designer fashion and wine bars on King Street is so well disguised even we had to ask to find it. Corbieres  gives you top drinks in an underground, stripped back and hollowed out mother of all caverns. That and one of the highest ranking in quantity and quality jukeboxes in Manchester. Go for a search, you'll love what you find.

The Temple

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Quite simply a rock n roll drinking den for the rock n roll elite and fans alike. With a jam packed jukebox of Manchester classics and bands to pick from (most of which you'll see propping up the bar) affordable drinks and premium bottles are the drinks of choice, and once the guitars start and the beer is served take a seat and soak up the underground NYC 70's rock n roll vibes that seem to leak from the ceiling of the converted public toilets.

Dusk til Pawn

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Almost secret it's that well disguised, Dusk till Pawn is one of the Northern Quarter's most loved bars with a dark and classic interior creating a prohibition style air of naughtiness that is quite frankly brilliant. That, and the bar staff will literally make you any drink that you request whilst you pick the free soundtrack for your night. Think of it as literally designing your own night, maybe that's why we love it so... a top jukebox pub in Manchester. Book a table here!

Sister to Bar Fringe, and no stranger to the traditions of a sturdy Mancunian pub, the only thing that differs between Cask and it's sibling is the smarter location of Castlefield and the choice of European beers, both bottled and on draught, instead of wholehearted local ales. The staff are just as friendly and quick to help out, and the music selection is just as full of Mancunian classics and lost gems. Summer afternoons in this part of time are spent with one of Cask's exceptionally chosen beers in their lovely beer garden.