Birthday Drinks In Manchester

There are hundreds of bars in Manchester to celebrate your birthday in, you lucky devil. We've got DJ bars, real ales, fine wines, cocktails and VIP, the whole nine yards. It's your birthday though so we want to give you the opportunity to choose something that suits you down to a tee, you are the king of today's birthday mountain after all. Check out our list of top bars for birthday drinks in Manchester and have yourself one heck of a bash, bumps are on us. 

Last edited by Lauren Cole

Dog Bowl

One of the coolest birthday joints in the city, Dog Bowl is a unique venture for any day of birth bash in the city. Known for its cracking American fare, cool craft beers and, er, bowling alleys, Dog Bowl is just the destination for those of you looking to do something unique in the city. Whether it's friends letting you win on the lanes or grabbing you a bevvie by the bar, you're sure to have a fun filled rollick. 

Revolution Parsonage Gardens

Go celebrate your birthday at Revolution Parsonage Gardens for a fun night all round. Whether you want to dance all night to some great music in a fun venue or drink the night away with a delicious range of vodka cocktails and vodka shots, Revolution has everything for you. There's even a wide range of food, including pizzas and burgers, should you get a bit peckish.