DesignMyNight Award Winners 2014/15

After weeks of voting, Manchester has spoken. 2014 was a big year for the city and your votes have been counted to crown the new kings and queens of Manchester nightlife. Quirky pop ups, banging events and the very best venues went head to head in a bid to win a much coveted DesignMyNight Award. AND THE RESULTS ARE IN...

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Best Music Venue - The Whiskey Jar

Big names, booming sound systems and seriously scaled up stages, sure, some Manchester music venues have it all. But do they boast the same vibes as Whiskey Jar? The city doubts it. A darling nook of exposed brickwork and some of the finest whiskey in the business, this intimate charmer steals Best Music Venue in Manchester for its indie acts, broody open mic nights and candlelit charm. 

Best Cocktail Bar - The Fitzgerald

2x Cocktails for £12

Taking home one of our most coveted gongs in this year's DesignMyNnight Awards is The Fitzgerald. A secretive, speakeasy inspired nook that has had the city drooling over their prohibition penchant, the candlelit antics of the vinateg Fitzgerald are practically second to none. With a bold cocktail menu and darling vibes, this award has a truly worthy winner, and an ever busy booking schedule. 

Best Happy Hour - Liquor Store

Ah, The Liquor Store, not only have you laced Manchester with dapper, and oh so happy, chappers like the one above, but you've gilded their gullets with happy hours too good to ignore. Rustling up delicious concoctions with a £5 bracket in their 555 Club deal, alongside beers and wine alike, Liquor Store take home Manchester's best happy hour with plenty more boozy bargains to boot.

Best Pub - The Beagle

With its penchant for pooches, it looks like another sterling hound has stolen Manchester's boozing hearts. Taking this year's Best Pub is a venue that know charming interiors, dapper gastro inspired dining and cracking brews all too well. A Chorlton charmer hailed for its craft beer cavorting, they may be a hound dog, but they ain't crying all the time. Not with a DMN Award now under their belts.

Best Beer Garden - Atlas Bar

Many questioned the Atlas motives for a while, but with a brand new refurb and gin menu that can hardly be matched in Manchester, it's no wonder that Atlas has now regained its city momentum. The perfect garden for guzzling, the city has spoken, hailing Atlas as its favourite. From social benches to plenty o'' botanicals, this is a must try for sunshine supping, and now an award winner at that.

Best Outdoor Space - The Wharf

Wandered out to Castlefield recently, seems like enough of you have to discover this darling cornucopia of botanical boozing. When the summer sun so rarely shines in Manchester and its thirsty patrons go in search of Vitamin D, to The Wharf they should take. With a history like no other in Manchester and boasting some of the finest canal-side boozing in the business, The Wharf takes home Best Outdoor Space.