Cheap Clubs In Manchester

If you're trying to scrimp and save, try growing your own vegetables or mending your old clothes, but don't feel like you have to cut out the party nights. There is no price tag on fun; and although you may have to fork out a couple of fivers for drinks, we here at DesignMyNight believe that the less late-night cash withdrawals, the better. So savour the memories of dancing on the tables, making friends with strangers and sinking tequila slammers without any twinge of financial guilt at our pick of the cheapest clubs in Manchester.

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Last updated on 15th December 2023

Hashtag Parties Manchester

Need a night out but without breaking the bank? Check our Cargo in Manchester for the chance at exclusive drink deals with Hashtag Parties. Indulge in a little weekday fun with their nightly discounts.

Fab Cafe

Entry to throwbacks and cheesy hits paradise Fab Cafe is totally free - plus you can make the most of that £5 double vodka-Vimto deal from behind the bar. Dance away to 70s and 80s tunes in a club surrounded by Doctor Who and Star Wars memorabilia.


An Indie-lover? Then 42's should be top of your list for cheap clubbing spots. Found off Deansgate, expect everything from Alex Turner-themed nights to the greatest singalong hits across the decades. One of their weekly events is even called Skint too - plus bombs are £1 and vodka mixers £2.20.