Where To Play Pool In Manchester

So, you want to rack 'em up tonight? Establish who is really top dog when it comes to trick shots, approach angles and cross corners with these fun spots across the city. To enjoy a lively atmosphere charged with the energy of friendly competition, head over to somewhere from our list of the best pubs and bars with a pool table in Manchester.

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Last updated on 8th January 2024

Studio Bar

Most of us know that nothing goes better with beer than a game of pool, so let's get you headed to a place that provides both - and pronto. Head on down to Fallowfield where the Beer Studio not only promises tables, but also an incredible roster of pints to boot.

The Arch

When it comes to a place to play pool, The Arch Manchester is something of a hero. Not only boasting some of the most eclectic interiors in the city, there's also premium tables, drinks deals and plenty more to keep you entertained.