Luke Sillett

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Alcohol aficionado, food fan and London bus enthusiast. Tweeting: @luke_sillett

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We tested out The Test Kitchen

Adam Simmonds' new concept The Test Kitchen opened in summer 2017. High end dining with Michelin-grade cuisine can be a downright fascinating thing to experience. Innovative cooking techniques, far-flung flavours...
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STK London - 'STK Lovers Menu' Review

STK London
Covent Garden

It’s not difficult to find good steak in London. In fact, it’s ridiculously easy to find good steak in London. From famed Argentinian hangouts on Broadway Market to plush and...
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Heliot Steak House - London Brunch Review

Heliot Steak House, Bar & Lounge @ The Hippodrome Casino
Leicester Square

I know it, they know it and you know it: there’s never been a better time to brunch in London. From cutesy corners in Kensington to industrial warehouse spaces in East...
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