Luke Sillett

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Alcohol aficionado, food fan and London bus enthusiast. Tweeting: @luke_sillett

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Dalston Superstore London - DJ Bar Review

Dalston Superstore

Late night partying, art exhibitions and a novelty-named-brunch menu - all under one roof? Oh you betcha. Dalston Superstore is located on the ever-bustling Kingsland Road and its trashy, cultural...
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The London Sessions - Bar Stories

  Gathering the most respected people within the industry, from around the world, to share their experiences. Pure, unadulterated, incredible insight. THE PEOPLE This is being kept under wraps for...
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Koko London - Nightclub Review


Multiple floors, numerous bars, several breakout dance floors and one helluva stage; Koko Camden has established itself as one of London’s premier live music venues, catering to hoards of party...
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The DesignMyNight Awards 2012

2012 was an amazing year for the London nightlife scene; so it will come as no surprise that competition was tougher than ever for the annual Awards 2012. We...
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