The Harrowing - London Theatre Review

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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

harrowing london review immersive theatre

Nerve-racking doesn't begin to sum up the sinister experience found at The Harrowing. 

For some, the idea of hoofing it down to a web-ridden, dimly-lit basement with a bunch of strangers sounds horrific, but for me... it sounds like another Saturday night. Bringing about some of the most affordable immersive theatre in London, we headed on down to join Splutter and the CoLab Theatre troop for their latest experience. 

To be honest, I just can't give you too much in the way of a review. Not because I don't like you or anything, you're fab, but a theatre event like The Harrowing really does rely on its surprise scare tactics. A group experience from the off, take someone to The Harrowing that you're either willing to throw to the dark side, hold hands with, or need for social support. Found in a secret warehouse just off from Borough, this theatre show is a must for those that love ghostly tales, horror-based adrenalin and the scares of a seance. Raw in its approach and brought about by a mere handful of players, The Harrowing is fundamental fear at its finest. 

Proving that immersive theatre still belongs to the world of the nitty gritty, Splutter and CoLab have brought about an event that managed to scare even two of the most hardened horror enthusiasts.

Join The Harrowing this March in London for just £15 a ticket. Scares can be found at  74 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AU. Buy your tickets here.