We tried London's first vampire themed pizzeria

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

lost boys pizza london review

Lost Boys Pizza have chosen 'the most eighties film ever made' as the basis for their space. 

I normally get quite the round of applause when I tell my boyfriend that we're going for pizza, other than me, it's likely his favourite thing. The applause this time was reserved for Lost Boys Pizza in Archway, probably London's biggest hidden gem in the dough department. Here's why: 

That playlist: I'm a big fan of music, music is really nice, but Lost Boys Pizza practically thrive on it. While i'm normally too busy tending to the business on my plate to notice the noise around me, these guys have made sure that the soundtrack to your pizza not only echoes the 80s flecks inside, it enhances them. From throwback gems to hits from that vital vampire flick, it really makes the place.

Those pizzas: With a wardrobe that spans from black to grey only, having a black pizza not only matched my outfit perfectly, the charcoal really works. Hailing themseleves as 'specialists in black dough', these guys command their own trophy. Our pizzas not only supported the noir claims, the charcoal element makes the base bloody light on the belly. I went for the 'Coffin Dodger' with broccoli, artichokes, mushrooms and rocket. While normally the vegan option (meat-free finds its happy place here), I swapped my vegan mozzarella out for real cheese as ALL toppings are transferable, which is ever great to hear. Not only was the tomato sauce bold and sweet, the pizza itself was crisp to perfection. Oh, did I mention that some of these pizzas come in at just £8. These guys aren't pissing your money up the wall, they're actually using it to churn out North London's nicest bites. 

lost boys pizza london

Make your way past the dusting and you're sure to find jet black innards.

The cocktails: While these guys were busy coming up with vampire puns for their pizzas, they slung a few on their cocktail list too. And while we didn't taste the blood dripping 'Bloody Michael', Ed and I found a favourite in their TNT at just £6.50. While simple with just tequila, lime, and a can of infamous Ting, it was sweet, and perfect for hot day with sunshine dripping through their open doors.

That theme: Last night I asked my boyfriend for sushi pyjamas from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I'm big on vampires, and i'm big on nostalgic throwback, which is exactly what Lost Boys Pizza like too. They don't stuff it down your throat however. With a small venue of high tables, outdoor seating and a some smaller dining space, these guys play with a few comic book prints and dot all menu items with a vampire pun, but it's simple and it's comfortable. 

The staff: Guys, you're a blast.

Lost Boys Pizza can be found in Archway at 141 Junction Rd, London N19. Join them for vegan pizzas, black dough, themed cocktails and a killer playlist.