Backyard Cinema - London Pop-Up Review

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

London's pop-up cinemas are pretty much all tugging for the top spot, from immersive and theatrical performances on top of movies to thematic interiors and unique cinema design. As someone who got chased around a warehouse by zombies in the name of date night and my favourite horror film, it's something that I love all too well in the city, and it's something that Backyard Cinema can't help but triumph at.

The Venue 

I, as a shock to all, have never actually been to a jungle and I think Bear Grylls deserves taking down a survival peg or two, but it seemed to be a themed all too fitting for Backyard Cinema and their Lost World series. Found on a stretch of road that has more post-Ministry of Sound snogging notoriety than it does pop-up infamy, Mercato Metropolitano is the base for their latest event and it comes with that all important, warehouse charm. 

Hidden in a corner of the building and suitably marked by a wall of green foliage, Backyard Cinema Lost World is a creepers dream to get into. Sure, you can make sure your way across woodchip flooring and humbly settle down on your beanbag, or you can ravage the place like a 5-year-old. I ravaged the place like a 5-year-old. Finding the second entrance, we were able to swing our way down a slightly timid drop into a pit of foam and jungle foliage. Tarzan is one of the movies on the listing after all, and I had already been down the pub for a few. The inside of the venue itself is another victory, as Mayan trinkets, cosy beanbags, a looming giant skull and walls laced in plants set a serious and unique jungle theme throughout.

backyard cinema london review

Lark about like an Aztec thanks to the interiors at Backyard Cinema Lost World. 

The Experience

It may only be a subtle prop or I may be easily pleased, but the added bonus of being able to swing our way into the cinema is just one of those subtleties that Backyard Cinema seemingly nail in giving you a little something extra with your ticket. Not only were we given a complimentary glass of wine as we meandered in, the bean bags themselves had my boyfriend and I considering to give the sofa a new home on the pavement outside our flat and opting for a set of these instead. The Jungle Book (2016) was a great film, don't get me wrong, but I think half the fun of Backyard Cinema is that no matter how relentlessly you've seen a particular movie before, they're adding a whole new experience that has date night planners on thankful knees.

backyard pop up cinema london

Backyard Cinema provides a unique movie experience in the heart of the city.


While nowadays the cinema isn't cheap, and more often than not the cinema is sticky, Backyard Cinema are providing those with a little expendable cash the option to experience something unique, pocket-friendly and fun alike. I really did enjoy Backyard Cinema, and thanks to their Elephant and Castle location we could even make use of our local bowling cards and finish the night on an almost-strike high.