We Went Full Steam Ahead To Rail House Café

Published . By Georgia Evans.

If you love trains as much as this girl does, Rail House Café promises to be an absolute delight. Not just a pretty face with railway-inspired decor, this restaurant and bar offers its guests a menu of fresh seasonal dishes and expertly-mixed cocktails from the epicentre of bustling Victoria, making it a perfect escape after a busy day at work.

Friday night was in full swing as we arrived, with groups of city workers and first-time daters lining the plush outdoor seating area of the restaurant, inside was equally as vibrant with passengers grabbing after-work cocktails and letting off steam. The interiors were a little bit quirky, complete with old-timey waiting room style seating and arched beams, but the weather was beautiful (how very rare) so we decided to make the most of it, and plonked ourselves down outside.

Interiors | Rail House Cafe | DesignMyNight

Rail House Café boasts interiors with a vintage charm. 

The menu, laid out like a train ticket, is made up primarily of British dishes. A real stand-out was the bamboo shoot ceviche with burnt peach (£7), which tasted almost like a fish tartare with its light consistency and delicate spice. To accompany, the brilliantly bright charred bell pepper with walnut romesco, pomegranate molasses and grilled pita (£6).

This was swiftly followed by a truly exceptional truffled portobello mushroom and spinach Wellington with asparagus, spring beans and chestnuts (£17). I must admit, I was apprehensive to try something this hearty, especially in warmer weather. However, the dish was surprisingly light, free from stodge and perfectly complemented with fresh greens.

Mushroom Wellington | Rail House Cafe | DesignMyNight

The delicious and surprisingly light mushroom Wellington.

Of course, there were plenty of cocktails going. The Snow Comparison (£9.50) was a deliciously energising way to start, with subtle fruity flavours. To celebrate the summer, it also felt necessary to try the Tropicala (£9.50), which packed a punch with its fresh pomegranate, kiwi, elderflower, and a healthy dose of rum.

To wrap off our grand tour, we decided to have a glass of the Maid in Bordeaux (£12) each, toasting to our successful journey before sipping on the meticulous combination of Champagne, mango-macerated Sauternes, St. Germain, lemon and mint.

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After a busy week, Rail House Café is the light at the end of the tunnel, providing first class cocktails and fresh dinner offerings that will put you back on track.