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Third Rök London Venue To Create More Plant-Based Menu

Rok Soho

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Mid 2018

What they say:

The third venture from the Rök family, this Soho eatery will continue to serve up the brand's unique style of Scandinavian cookery, but with a few small deviations from its Shoreditch and Islington sister sites. Where the two previous openings saw a wealth of smoke meats and pickled fish grace its menus, Rök Soho aims to take a more health-conscious approach to its dishes, with a surge of plant-based recipes rumoured to be hitting the plates, as well as the addition of alcohol-free and low ABV meads and drinking vinegars.

What we say:

Following their residency at The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market, Rök London have announced the launch of their third bricks-and-mortar venue. As well as being the brand's first West End venture, Rök Soho will also see the restaurant moving towards a more vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, as plant-based and veggie-centric dishes replace the smoked meats and fish that we've come to associate with the Scandinavian-inspired eatery.