New bar spy - Firebird

London's Hottest New Restaurant (Quite Literally) Only Uses Ancient Open-Fire Cooking

Published . By Lauren Cole.



Spring 2022

Slow-smoked, sizzled and seared; that's the ethos of the food at new London restaurant Firebird, which takes inspiration from the flame-plumed bird of Slavic folklore in its name. This gorgeous Soho spot by St Petersburg restaurateurs Madina Kazhimova and Anna Dolgushina will whip up European fare using ancient open-fire cooking techniques, with the acidity of pickling, fermenting and curing other ingredients balancing each dish.

Promising warm interiors of foliage, terracotta floors and amber tones to recreate the feel of a sunny terrace in the Mediterranean, Firebird is set to deliver on style and substance. Wood and charcoal fuel the fires in the kitchen, where plates such as raw seabass with fermented fennel and charred pineapple vinaigrette, or rump steak accompanied by burnt onions, smoked bone marrow and sorrel herb salad, are cooked. Be sure to also save yourself for a slice of their honeycomb tiramisu cake to finish, drool.

But the fire-licked offerings don't end there... Even the cocktail ingredients here are feeling the heat, where toasted herbs and seeds feature in your choice of gooseberry and thyme gimlets or white sesame sours. And if these creative concoctions aren't your thing? There's a varied and unique wine list that focuses on artisanal, small-scale producers.