New bar spy - Dirty Bones Soho

American comfort food and strong, quirky cocktails is the theme of Dirty Bones' Soho site

Dirty Bones Soho

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What they say:

Dirty Bones are opening their fourth venue on Denman Street in Soho, bringing back the same brand of old-school American cool once again. Their commitment to cool permeates through their aesthetic, with the interior modelled on the loft apartments of artistic districts in Brooklyn, such as Bushwick and Williamsburg. The menu is packed with quirky American comfort food, with ribs, fried chicken and burgers taking centre billing, while the cocktails list is filled with quirky yet strong mixes.

What we say:

Dirty Bones is all about big American comfort food, strong drinks and cool aesthetics – basically, everything you want on one of those days. Not only is the restaurant bar a fun place to hang out with hip hop, funk and southern American soul on the speakers, the food is interesting as well, bringing their trademark hearty meat dishes coupled with out-there sides. This sees burgers being topped with mac & cheese, fried chicken paired with waffles and maple syrup or hot dogs with crispy seaweed and pickled sushi ginger. The cocktails are equally quirky, coming with names like Mutt’s Nuts, made from bourbon, cinnamon and vanilla maple syrup and Angostura bitters.