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Darjeeling Express pop-up opening a permanent spot in Soho's Kingly Court

Darjeeling Express

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What they say:

Following four years of successful supper clubs, Asma Said has decided to make things a little more permanent and open a restaurant in Soho's Kingly Court. Located on the second floor, Darjeeling Express' cuisine is influenced by Asma's heritage, with Bengali dishes from her mother's side and Northern Indian food from her father's as well as hints of the Royal Court of Mughlai and Nawabi.

What we say:

Self-taught chef Asma Khan has spent years learning the recipes from four generations of her family, perfecting them and bringing them to Londoners through supper clubs and catering. In spring 2017 she opened Darjeeling Express alongside Kingly Court's other independent shops and restaurants. Expect dishes such as lamb dum biryani, Calcutta chicken chaap and paneer korma on top of a seasonal and varied menu.