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Seafood Maestro Claw Scuttles Into London's Carnaby Area With First Permanent Site


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What they say:

Claw is a new seafood restaurant opening in London's Carnaby area. Inspired by the produce available along Britain's coastlines, the restaurant will plate up seasonal dishes, all made using only the freshest ingredients. When it opens, guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, tucking into dishes like crab mac and cheese, chilli scrambled eggs with crab and samphire and fried chicken with cod's roe. The entire concept has been thought up by Fabian Clark, who began the Claw project in order to showcase how we as Britons can enjoy fresh seafood dishes from our coastline without paying dizzying prices.  

What we say:

Slowly but surely, London's restaurants have started to figure out that the key to success is actually painfully simple; plain recipes, supported by only the freshest ingredients. And nowhere is that rule more appropriate than with the city's seafood restaurants. Owner Fabian Clark was hell-bent on creating a venue that both served great dishes and supported Britain's fishing communities at the same time. And so all of Claw's seafood is sourced directly from fishermen, cutting out the middle man and making sure that everyone - including his customers - get a fair price. It's a nice touch from a venue we reckon will do quite well.