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Shola Is Getting You To Re-Think Fast Pakistani Cuisine


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Shola is on a mission to get London re-thinking what they know about Pakistani food. Since the founder Aida Khan moved to Britain from her native country, she has applied her personal experience and knowledge from her travel food show to grow her renowned supperclub into a full-blown restaurant in White City.

With spices roasted and ground onsite, masalas made from scratch, and recipes passed down from generations, Shola serves up a nostalgic and authentic Pakistani cooking that contrasts to the stodgy curries we are used to seeing. They have an ethos of using fresh flavourful food, quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, to create a fast, casual dining experience with classic dishes for all to enjoy.

The menu features the likes of a six-hour slow cooked beef behari kebab, a zesty chicken hara masala marinated in fresh herb yoghurt and a slow cooked khattee daal with red chillies. Meanwhile, desserts include a naan khatai, which is a crunchy semolina and flour cookie, glazed and sprinkled with freshly chopped pistachios, to complete your meal with a light, sweet treat.