New bar spy - Straker's

TikTok Star Thomas Straker To Open First Restaurant In Notting Hill This Summer

Published . By Lauren Cole.



June 2022

From being a contributor for MOB Kitchen, to cooking at The Ledbury, Elystan Street and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Thomas Straker is a chef many have had their eye on. Thanks to rising through the ranks on social media and YouTube, he's fronting recipes that make thousands want to lick their plates clean. Now, our prayers have been answered: his first London restaurant is launching this June, building on the success of last year's pop-up eatery, Acre.

When Straker's throws open its doors in Notting Hill, we'll no longer only get to drool at Tom's food online and then whip up our own recreations; you'll get your lips around the real deal. Making the menu for opening? Nduja clams (a classic from his videos), slow-cooked lamb shoulder alongside broad beans and salsa verde, and brown butter-coated gnocchi with lemon - an unassuming, but gorgeous, sauce you'll have seen many times if you're already an avid follower. 

While there's no word yet on what the venue will look like, we're sure it'll all be just as tasteful as the dishes. There are, however, deets on what drinks you can pair with your meal. Alex Percy at independent vintner The Modest Merchant will be supplying the vino, focusing on smaller, responsible winemakers, while lovers of cocktails can delve into a short menu of classics.

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