London Food Guide

From hitting up Japanese izakayas and humble tapas restaurants to the finest in Mexican morsels, we've left no stone unturned when it comes to cuisine in the city; so much so, we've got a page for each and every one of 'em. So why not check out our London food guide as inspiration for when you're on your hungry travels about town. 

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  • Japanese Food in London

    Izakayas, all the way down to the best in sashimi spots? Here are some of London's best Japanese restaurants.

  • Best Italian Restaurants

    Does fresh basil, mozzarella and olive oil always tickle your fancy? Then it's off to London's best Italian spots for you.

  • Chinese Restaurants

    Perfect for the dim sum mad, or those with Cantonese cravings, check out some of London's best Chinese spots.

  • Indian Cuisine in London

    Sure, the humble curry is great, but these Indian restaurants are on a whole other level thanks to elegant spices and traditional ingredients.

  • Mexican Food in London

    Think any London food guide would be complete without a list of Mexican restaurants? We sure don't.

  • Great Caribbean Spots

    Here for the the best in curry mutton or the tastiest ackee in the biz? These great Caribbean restaurants in the capital live up to the flavour.

  • Best For Halal Food in London

    Looking for beautiful halal restaurants in London that are clear on which dishes are permissible to eat? Head right this way.

  • American Restaurants in London

    Whether you're digging dive bars with big-ass burger menus or luxury restaurants with Stateside cuisine, these American restaurants have 'em all.

  • Where To Find Sushi in London

    From sashimi to maki and back again, these sushi restaurants in London are perfectly paired with a sake... or three.

  • British Restaurants in London

    British cuisine has come a long way over the years, and these restaurants are here to prove it; from notable gastro names to elevated dining.

  • Jewish Restaurants In London

    Kosher menus and matzo ball soup? These Jewish restaurants in London are promising the best in wholesome bites.

  • Spanish Food & Tapas in London

    Whether they're tapas to the next level, or keeping you sweet with the classics, these Spanish spots have to be tried.