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Olle in Chinatown blends 'old and new' together with its Korean barbecue dishes

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Published . By Gurjot Thind.



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What they say:

Olle is the latest Korean barbecue restaurant to open in Central London's Chinatown. The entire project has been curated by Charles Seo, the mastermind behind Japanese restaurant Kyoto in neighbouring Soho. The new restaurant serves seasoned cuts of meat - including American and Japanese Wagyu beef, Iberico pork and British free-range chicken - all barbecued on small grills that are built into the restaurant's communal tables. Additionally, the team behind this eatery also plate up fresh stone bowls of Korean stew, made using recipes that stretch back decades. 

What we say:

An interactive restaurant where you can cook your own BBQ'd Korean bites from the safety of your chair? We're smitten. Korean barbecue restaurants have exploded onto London's foodie scene over the last few years, growing with the increasing interest in street food and casual dining - and for that we're thankful. But Olle hopes to stand above its many competitors with its 'cook your own meat' barbecue concept. What interests us more is how it'll fit into Chinatown's changing mood. With 7 restaurants opening as part of a wider £15 million development plan, Olle's fusion of traditional recipes with contemporary vibes might be the crucial aspect that brings it the success every new venue needs to survive.