New bar spy - Ekachai King's Cross

Ekachai is bringing more South East Asian hawker food to Kings Cross

Ekachai King's Cross

Last updated . By Tom Capon.


TBC November

What they say:

Just the phrase ‘South East Asian street food’ is enough to get me onboard with Ekachai’s newest venue. Their fifth site after opening up in Wandsworth, Oxford Street Selfridges, Flat Iron Square and their original one in Liverpool Street, they've combined three different countries' street food to create one, tasty menu. Set up by two school friends who couldn’t find their favourite street food in London, Ekachai follows the Wok Hei way of cooking, which means ‘breath of the wok’. This is normally a measure of skill for chefs that’s all about imparting the flavour of the wok into dishes.

What we say:

Their menu is basically a who's who in ‘hawker’ food from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. Expect dishes like beef brisket noodle soup, made from braised tender beef brisket, fine egg noodles, white radish and pak choi from Hong Kong. From the Malaysian corner, you can try dishes like the (vegetarian) Tempe Soup, made from vermicelli rice noodles in a vegetable broth, with fried tempe, tofu, spinach and beansprouts. Finally from Thailand, you can get dishes like Nau Nam Prik Pao, served up with beef slices wok fried with a fiery Thai chilli paste with fine beans, lime leaves and dried shrimp.