New bar spy - Trawler Trash

New Islington restaurant Trawler Trash won't be serving up your typical seafood

Trawler Trash

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What they say:

Fresh fish that you won't normally find in a seafood restaurant is the name of the game in Trawler Trash, serving up dishes with catch typically discarded by trawlers. The venue is taking the place of former resident Seafish, a fish and chip shop that sold on the location for 50 years before closing, and hopes to combine elements of this traditional establishment with more modern flourishes. It’ll be split between a bar and a restaurant, with an interior made of polished concrete, exposed bricks, an open kitchen and a small cocktail bar occupying the back of the space.

What we say:

We’re always excited about new flavours and the name Trawler Trash is more than just a funny pun: they’ll be diving into seafood we very rarely get to eat. That doesn’t mean their dishes won’t be packed with flavour, utilising catches like coley, pilchards, grey mullet, sprat and crayfish to create some delicious sounding plates. What’s more, the deliveries will be daily, meaning all the ingredients will be fresh everyday – expect for Monday, when it will be closed, because that’s the trawlers’ day of rest. So expect a menu populated with dishes like grey mullet escabeche with carrots, red onion & bay, as well as kipper carbonara with peas and rocket.