New bar spy - Radici

Chef Francesco Mazzei is bringing rich southern Italian flavours to Islington


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What they say:

Francesco Mazzei, chef of Mayfair’s Sartoria, is diving into his rich culinary history with new Italian restaurant Radici. Using recipes hailing from sun-drenched southern Italy, the menu is filled with dishes made from salty meats, authentic tomato sauces and crowd-pleasing flavours. Taking inspiration from regions like Sardinia, Sicily, and Campania, he's created wonderful dishes like Umido di Baccala, which is salt cod with potatoes, tomato sauce, onions, capers and black olives.

What we say:

Is there really anyone on this planet that doesn’t like Italian food? While it would be easy to coast on the fact that pizza, pasta and tomatoes are all delicious even in their most basic form, Radici is planning on delivering a refined menu that will excel beyond normal expectations. The commitment to south Italy’s flavours produces mouth-watering dishes like Ferrazzuoli, eggless pasta with southern Italian lamb, pork and beef ragu. There’s also a traditional wood oven for pizzas and a range of charcuterie and cheeses if you’re after a more casual dining trip. Best of all must be Sundays, where they will offer specialised ‘feasting’ menus for large groups to tuck in and dine together like one big family.