The Vincent Team Behind Sebright Arms Open All-Day Eatery In Hackney Downs
2 Atkins Square Dalston Square, London, E8 1FA
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What they say:

Having transformed the Sebright Arms into one of Bethnal Green's most popular spots, the team have turned their attention to a new venue, The Vincent. Located in Hackney Downs, The Vincent is an all-day eatery with a focus on brunch and Sunday lunch. Things kick off in the morning with a great range of pastries and coffee to grab if you're on the go, and fans of Sebright Arms' Bunsmiths will be pleased to know they will also be taking up a residency in the new venue.

What we say:

While the Sebright Arms might be known for its East End boozer vibe and raucous live music nights, new spot The Vincent will be a different type of beast. With floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of greenery and cafe-like tables and chairs, The Vincent focuses on food. Brunch will be filled with a selection of home-smoked meat and fish, while Sunday lunch includes low and slow-cooked ribs. It's not all change though, the new venue will still have a great range of East London beers including bottles from Five Points and Pressure Drop.