New bar spy - Delamina

Marylebone's getting a new Eastern Mediterranean restaurant from people behind Strut & Cluck


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February 2018

What they say:

This new restaurant comes from some unlikely origins. I mean, yes, it’s from the married team behind Shoreditch’s Struct and Cluck, Amir and Limor Chen, so it might not be that unlikely that they open a sister restaurant in the bustling Marylebone. But Delamina draws influence from Limor Chen’s own background, as she’s the daughter of Russian and Iranian parents and was born in Tel Aviv, delivering an interesting Eastern Mediterranean menu created using the plethora of spices and flavours from the region.

What we say:

Instead of giving you a boiled broccoli and telling you it’s good for you, the philosophy behind Delamina is that healthy eating should be led with vibrant flavours. This means you get mouth-watering-sounding dishes like charcoal-grilled ras-el-hanout and honey-glazed poussin, with roasted sweet potato. Accompanying the food is a list of cocktails that will use the aromatic herbs and spices used in the kitchen, and the wines are Israeli and Lebanese vintages that you’ve probably never heard of, but can almost probably bring up at parties.