Manitoba Tigella London's first ever tigella restaurant opens on New Oxford Street.
82 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1HB
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What they say:

Manitoba Tigella is bringing the tigella to the UK for the first time with an entire restaurant dedicate to the North Italian dish. Tigella, a round stuffed bread, comes with accompaniments such as Prosciutto and Provolone cheese. There will also be freshly made pasta dishes, and larger meat mains - the lamb cutlets with fried polenta sounds particularly delicious. Located on New Oxford Street, the restaurant is easily accessible and makes use of its prime location with floor-to-ceiling windows and a casual dining setting.

What we say:

If you've ever spoken to an Italian, you will know that they are immensely proud of their nation's cuisine; this is the country that has given us pasta and pizza after all. But the country has so much more to offer than that, with each region specialising in a different dish. Now it's time for Emilia Romagna's to shine, and the tigella sounds pretty damn delicious. The restaurant also serves Italian style breakfasts and lunches, and has a deli; if you've never had Italian coffee before, get ready for your life to change.