While many may think that some of Clapham's caverns are reserved to cheap Prosecco (hallelujah) and rowdy, River Island inspired nights out, there's a restaurant bar perched just shy of Clapham North station that for once, kind of had me thinking otherwise.

The Venue

A global transportation of sorts, Tsunami Clapham was dimly lit and completely indulging. Split between main bar, and restaurant area, dark wood with geometrical etchings are blended with modern, low-lighting, bamboo flower work and purple flecks; this restaurant bar is an alluring Tarantino set-up just waiting to happen (okay, maybe if Tarantino wasn't so mardy with all that blood), with diners even being able to sneak a kitchen peak from their tables, which added to the venues brilliant bustle.

As not to make your nanny quiver, Tsunami Clapham is sexy. Even the bathroom had a cutesy, oriental pagoda water feature in amongst dashes of bamboo and incense. 

tsunami clapham restaurant bar review

Tarantino creeping takes place at this overtly romantic restaurant in Clapham.

The Food and Drinks

Sushi and dumplings in London? Please, I implore you to give these guys a try. From their fresh black cod and scallop tempura, to their snow crab dumplings, sesame seed smothered grilled aubergine and Japanese pickle sushi, Tsunami know what they're doing, and are doing it right. One of the biggest plus points, that we found to the menu, was the amazing glossary at the back; helping a pair dinner tweedledum and dees across Japanese dining throughout the night. Shiitake mushrooms are, in fact, grown on oak trees. Now, invite me to your pub quiz.

As for the drinks, Tsunami Clapham were utterly stand-out, and should be noted as a bar all their own. Cocktail bars in London talk of a fusion of flavours and a menu that echoes their offering, but Tsunami Clapham mean it, and really note creativity alongside a highly trained staff. Sticking out of the cocktail crowd? An 'Origami Smash' with Hibiki Japanese whisky, galangal, Moroccan mint and shiso leaf, that gave me as a whisky woofer a really nice sour smack in the chops. Definitely a must for fans of a whisky sour. Another drink to note was their kicker of an 'Electric Kamikaze'. A chilli rim may intimidate some, but this fusion of Belenkaya vodka, buzz button, limoncello, lemon grass and citrus peels echoed the freshness of the food just right.

tsunami clapham dinner cocktails review

The bar at Tsunami Clapham, like a tsunami itself, is a force to be reckoned with.

The Atmosphere

Okay, so the 'atmosphere' ledge of a review can often be a pickle to describe, but Tsunami Clapham have theirs spot on. Busy without the clatter of plates, the hooting of tables and frustrating budge of chairs (we get enough commuter intimacy on the tube), I really enjoyed our table and the evening's build up. Sure, the purple hue makes for a premium date-night hand holder, but it seems as though Tsunami's romantic brood isn't reserved to mere fluttering eyelids across a sliver of sushi. With a bar as busy as the restaurant, these kids can truly cater.

tsunami clapham dinner review london

Sesame and grilled aubergine is the stand out vegetarian dish at Tsunami Clapham.


Reviews can often feel like a tricky date mix with your boyfriend in tow. The awkward in-jokes about that cat on the internet one time are left stagnant on your server, you're overzealous in your 'work mode' or the venue proverbially sits on your lap the meal through. Tsunami were none of this, they were genuinely nothing but a treat. Adding to an atmosphere that felt like any other date night, and proving that they certainly have a boozy backbone, Tsunami Clapham has to all-out be one of my favourite meals in London yet.