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Clapham's The Manor To Re-Open As Sorella


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2018 TBC

What they say:

This new Italian restaurant from Robin Gill will replace his current modern British offering, The Manor. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and traditional Italian eating, the kitchen, headed up by Dean Parker, will serve a range of classic dishes such as arancini, gnocchi and affogato, while the bar has a focus on homemade liqueurs like Limoncello, as well as seasonal bellinis and twists on classic cocktails.  

What we say:

Opening in place of much-loved neighbourhood eatery The Manor, Sorella is an Italian restaurant with a focus on seasonal, reduced-waste cooking. Head chef Dean Parker and owner Robin Gill, have worked to create a gorgeous menu brimming with classic dishes and flavours like the truffle arancini and cuttlefish linguini. The change in direction for Gill is inspired by the years he spent working in restaurants on the Amalfi Coast.