You better be-leaf it, Stem + Glory is a vegan haven placing plants at the forefront

Shortly before they were crowned DMN’s top vegan spot, we’d heard that Stem + Glory had been blowing away the city’s diners with their simple yet elegant plant-based dishes. With a successful venture in Cambridge under its belt, the restaurant set up their first London location in Barbican to widespread acclaim, and we just had to see it for ourselves. On a blustery day, this reviewer faced a trek through London’s most fierce wind trap aka the City to see if it really was worth all the hype.

Pickle Shelves | Stem + Glory Review | DesignMyNight

This reviewer was pretty impressed with the pickle collection.

Through runny eyes and whooshing hair we were just about able to make out the shining beacon that was Stem + Glory, nestled between a handful of buildings in Barts Square. Upon entry, it provided not only a sense of relief from the cruel weather conditions but its cool, Skandi-esque decor immediately gave off calming vibes. 

Beginning with a plate of kimchi pancakes (£7.50), we were off to a flying start. The pancakes themselves were light and fluffy, working in perfect harmony with the delicately sweet, spicy kimchi. Presented beautifully and just the right size for a starter, these beauties lived up to their title as the restaurant's staple. Meanwhile, the S+G Margarita (£9) was a perfect refreshment throughout the meal, with a unique sharpness from the exquisite blend of tequila, agave and the surprising addition of avocado.

Kimchi Pancakes | Stem + Glory Review | DesignMyNight

We'll be back for another round of kimchi pancakes.  

Another class-act was the Luxury Lasagne (£12.50), an innovative take on the comfort food favourite that uses celearic as pasta sheets before topped with a creamy cashew béchamel sauce that squares up to the real thing. A perfect choice for a chilly day, it had the perfect sense of cosiness with its rich tomato filling, packed with drool-worthy slow roasted aubergine and zucchini. 

The punchy mango cheesecake (£7) felt like a suitably fruity way to finish. The lively creation had a great zing to it and a gooey date base that somehow avoided being too heavy, something that every dish had masterfully managed to achieve. With full bellies and grinning faces, it was time to face the gales and head back South. 

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With its reasonable prices, chilled-out atmosphere, swift service and menu of vibrant dishes that’ll entice herbivores and meat-eaters alike, it’s no wonder you voted Stem + Glory as your favourite vegan restaurant in London.