New bar spy - Dip In Brilliant

From 1950s Kenya to Chelsea 2018 - Punjabi-style Brilliant is opening a casual branch in West London

Dip In Brilliant

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Now Open

What they say:

First opened in Kenya as a nightclub, restaurant and bar in the 1950s, Brilliant has crossed over to Southall to become one of the area's most popular Indian restaurants. Still a family affair, the Punjabi eatery has now opened a more casual and speedy branch in Chelsea. Dip In Brilliant will be headed up by Dipna Anand and focuses on faster, sharing dishes with everything from Dip In Gar-Lick Wings through to Dip Sea Bass, which also featured on Dipna's TV show, Dip In Kitchen.

What we say:

Brilliant has more than stood the test of time, with more than 60 years of entertaining and now the brand is coming to Chelsea. Dipna Anand, whose Grandfather founded the original, is heading up Dip In Brilliant and will be combing new factors along with paying homage the restaurant's heritage with a Kenyan twist of Punjabi cuisine. As well as a retro casual feel, the space has been designed with socialising in mind; the menu is predominantly sharing dishes, from curries through to tandoori plates.