New bar spy - Sarap

This Filipino Restaurant Is Bringing Banana Ketchup And Slow-Roasted Pork Belly To Brixton


Published . By Kay Field.


Now Open

Following a successful residency in Soho, Filipino BBQ restaurant Sarap is setting up shop in Brixton Village Market. 

Created by Ferdinand ‘Budgie’ Montoya, the neighbourhood eatery gained quite a name for itself during its three-month stint at The Sun & 13 CantonsAnd it's not hard to see why. With a core ethos of ‘authentic food delivered proudly inauthentically’, Sarap’s menu combines traditional recipes and ingredients with contemporary flavours to create modern and unique plates. Guests can expect a selection of small and large dishes inspired by native lechon houses and various Filipino favourites. As well as the popular 'lechons', a type of slow-roasted pork, offerings include shredded jackfruit and potato adobo, BBQ pork skewers and fried chicken wings, both served with banana ketchup and soy sauce. 

As for drinks, Sarap stocks a range of regularly-changing natural and low intervention wines, as well as beer, ale and a signature cocktail in the form of a rum and kombucha iced tea. Whilst Sarap will only be located in the market for six months - having won the residency - Montoya plans on remaining in the area and will be looking into finding a more permanent location around Brixton.