New bar spy - Mother Pizzeria Battersea

Danish pizzeria Mother brings its sourdough pizzas to first UK venue in Battersea

Mother Pizzeria Battersea

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What they say:

Choosing Battersea for their first site in the UK, Mother believes in offering homely Italian food made from top quality ingredients. Their main focus is pizza, making a sourdough base with purified seawater that is said to make the pizza lighter. Many of the ingredients are imported from Italy to get that authentic taste. The venue also boasts a large outdoor space for alfresco eating and a buffet counter, where they’ll serve brunch at the weekends.

What we say:

London’s going a bit pizza mad at the moment with Mother being the most recent in a line of pizzerias delivering doughy goodness to the capital. Their Neapolitan sourdough pizzas come with some less conventional (for Britain, anyway) toppings, with options like Zuccone made from smoked salmon, chives and courgette, or the Burning Love, created from mozzarella, potatoes, fried onions and røget spæk. But it’s not just pizza: the menu is packed with authentic dishes like carbonara, lasagne and gnocchi alla sorrentina.